The complete wastewater treatment system

The MicroPack++ Generation is the most innovative solution for treating wastewater. This wastewater treatment system is decentralised and modular so it can be used flexibly (close to the source of pollution).

3d render of the MicroPack++ Generation

The MicroPack++ Generation

The MicroPack++ Generation uses three different treatments: A biological technology which breaks down pollution in the wastewater (MBBR). Small air bubbles are then added to separate the sludge from the clean water (DAF). In the final treatment stage, micro-pollutants (such as medicine residues) are removed from the water using ozone (AOP).

The benefits
The MicroPack++ Generation uses biology (bacteria) to remove pollutants from the water. Thus, no chemicals are used in this process. The system is modular and drastically reduces your CO2 footprint. Moreover, the treated water can be reused.

In addition, the installation is equipped with an automated control system and automatic system cleaning. This reduces maintenance as much as possible. Thanks to biological treatment, the CO2 footprint can be drastically reduced.

Infographic about the most important product benefits of the MicroPack++ Generation


An innovative biological technology that treats water and converts waste materials into renewable material. In the first step, MBBR, specialised bacteria break down the various compounds in the wastewater.


Very small bubbles of dissolved air separate the clean water from the biomass (sludge) and suspended solids. Besides producing clean water, the biomass can be fermented into a new source of green energy.


An additional treatment step that removes micro-pollutants and medicine residues from water. This is done through advanced oxidation processes (AOP). It is the solution to convert wastewater into a renewable source of fresh water. Ready to be reused or safely returned to nature.

Flowdiagram of the MicroPack++ Generation to make visible how the wastewater is converted to clean water

Impression photos of the MicroPack++ Generation







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