A new source 

At PureBlue, we treat all kinds of wastewater. We want to get the used water really clean, removing all harmful substances such as medicine residues. People can then reuse the clean water. For example, for irrigating plants and crops, but also for flushing toilets. In this way, we make a positive contribution to restoring nature.

Decentralized is the future

Our decentralized water treatment systems create the unique opportunity to treat wastewater in locations with limited space and where there is no sewage network. Decentralized treatment is a sustainable alternative to conventional treatment. Our compact systems can be placed anywhere, whether in public areas, industrial parks or in buildings. The installations use a Plug-and-Play principle, making them easily scalable.

PureControl - Remote service

We treat wastewater all over the world. To provide excellent service for all installations, we use PureControl. This is an advanced system that enables remote service. Via this system, we can monitor the status of our installations across the globe in order to act immediately if the situation requires so. PureControl is included as standard with all PureBlue installations.

Accessible data


PureControl makes it possible to make predictions for maintenance. We call this ‘predictive maintenance’. Moreover, it provides the user with relevant information about the treatment process, such as the amount of treated water, power consumption and much more. This is displayed in a user-friendly dashboard.

Remote service


In order to provide excellent service worldwide, remote assistance is integrated. This allows us to easily take over the control system from our location in Kapellebrug. This is useful when assistance is needed for a wastewater treatment system. Updates can also be made remotely.

No administration


All activities of a wastewater treatment system are automatically recorded and analysed. This is not only useful for the user, but also for our service team. Thereby, it is easy to link to an existing ERP system. Thus, service orders can be generated automatically, allowing our service team to act immediately.

Specific solutions

Desiccation and Salinization

Climate change has several effects on groundwater levels and water supplies. Groundwater quality can also be compromised. One example is desiccation, when there is too little water in the soil for a prolonged period. This leads to a drop in groundwater levels, which can cause problems in agriculture.

Salinization means an increase in salinity in soil, groundwater and surface water. Salinization can occur in a variety of ways, such as from rising sea levels but also from consistent land subsidence. With PureBlue's decentralized systems, it is possible to provide an area-specific solution to any water problem.


Are you looking for a way to make fresh water from salt water? For example, for business processes with an outflow of salt water? Our desalination systems make this possible. With a compact and decentralized treatment from PureBlue, you are assured of clean water of the right quality, precisely tailored to your needs.

Medicinal residues

Medicinal residues pose a threat not only to nature, but also to public health. This is why the removal of medicinal residues is also included in the Green Deal Sustainable Care. It is essential that these substances be removed. PureBlue is committed to removing these substances thoroughly. We do this using innovative AOP technologies. In this way we create safe water that we can confidently give back to nature.


In addition to medicine residues, there are other micropollutants that pose a threat. These can be wastes produced during an industrial process. With innovative AOP technologies, PureBlue offers a substantial solution every time, whatever micropollutants you want removed.

Energy recovery

At PureBlue, we don't believe in waste. There is no such thing. The sludge disposed of as a byproduct of the water treatment process is full of potential. Through a process of digestion, the sludge can be converted into new raw materials. Sustainable energy can be extracted from these raw materials, but they are also suitable for the production of bioplastics.


At PureBlue, our mission is to return “borrowed” water to its natural state. This is only possible if we get used water perfectly clean and remove all harmful substances, including medical residues.


Wastewater as a new source of water is the future. But it’s already a reality for us. By treating post-consumer water and bringing it to a location where it is needed most (such as agriculture, green spaces in cities, the recycling industry), we exploit water in a sustainable way. 


The earth is fundamentally dependent on water. And climate change is making water’s role increasingly important. Sustainable agriculture, green cities, and sustainable tourism require smart, innovative concepts in which treated water can be used wherever it is needed.

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