Removing harmful substances

To remove harmful substances from wastewater, PureBlue has developed the MicroForce. This is a sustainable water treatment system which ensures an outflow of safe and clean water. The clean water may be discharged into surface water but can also be reused. In this treatment system biology and ozone are interwoven. Ozone is very effective and can remove even the most harmful substances from wastewater. Biofiltration ensures that these pollutants are permanently removed in a sustainable way.

The final step to safe surface water

To discharge safely to surface water, all micropollutants must be removed from the water. Therefore, the MicroForce uses an advanced oxidation technology, using ozone. Ozone has strong oxidising properties, which is necessary to break down even the most persistent micropollutants.

Micropollutants are harmful substances that occur in low concentrations in wastewater. Medicine residues are a good example, but pesticides, endocrine disruptors and other specific wastes from the chemical industry are also considered micropollutants. MicroForce has been extensively tested and can remove a wide variety of micropollutants, including Watch List components. These are government-selected indicators representing a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals. MicroForce has a high removal efficiency while also removing nutrients such as nitrogen. This makes the treated wastewater less harmful, so it can be safely returned to nature.

Ozone and biofiltration


MicroForce uses ozone and biofiltration. The strong oxidising properties of ozone ensure effective treatment. By combining this technology with biofiltration, pollutants can be removed from wastewater definitively and in a sustainable way.

Sustainable treatment


At PureBlue, we strive for the most sustainable way to treat water. By using biofiltration, the MicroForce uses little energy and its CO2 footprint is limited. The use of ozone is low and is also generated on site. In addition, the system requires little maintenance. This results in low maintenance costs.

Compact and efficient


MicroForce is extremely compact in size, compared to conventional techniques and therefore fits into any environment. This allows the water treatment system to be installed close to the source. All PureBlue systems are based on a Plug-and-Play principle. This makes installing an additional treatment very easy.


MicroForce is an ideal post-treatment step for optimising existing sewage treatment plants by removing micro-pollutants and nutrients. MicroForce's technology is based on years of research into advanced oxidation processes and biological treatment. Chemical oxidation combined with low doses of ozone are used, just enough to break down complex molecules into smaller, more biodegradable structures. These are then mineralised in an interwoven biological treatment.


The main activity of the chemical industry is to develop very specific chemical products. As these products are not always biodegradable, industrial companies face challenges in terms of environmental legislation. Decentralised wastewater treatment via MicroForce not only breaks down harmful substances, but also opens up the possibility of water reuse. Closing water cycles and investing in sustainable wastewater management is the best choice from both an economic and ecological point of view.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have the highest concentration of medicine residues in wastewater. Subsequently, these medicine residues enter the sewage network. Thanks to the MicroForce's effective oxidation process, it is possible to remove specific contaminants. This system has a high removal efficiency for X-ray contrast agents, antibiotics and other medicine residues. Moreover, this system can be used directly at source and even in different departments within a single hospital with specific waste water streams.






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