Compact and eco-friendly wastewater treatment

This wastewater treatment system is specially designed to treat various wastewater streams on board. This includes black-, grey-, galley- and laundry water. The compact installation ensures a high quality outflow. The treated water can then be safely discharged according to European standards. Moreover, the installation can be remotely monitored and controlled via our PureControl system.

Render of the InnoPack Marine 4.0
The InnoPack Marine 4.0

The InnoPack Marine 4.0 does not use chemicals because micro-organisms convert the organic substances which are present in the wastewater. A unique floatation system ensures that the sludge is separated and concentrated. This results in reduced operational costs. Thanks to the integrated air treatment, unpleasant odours are eliminated. In addition, the greywater control reduces the buffer volume.



The InnoPack Marine 4.0 does not take up much space. With a total surface area of 11.5 square metres it fits into all vessels with a maximum capacity of 220 passengers. Furthermore, the installation has the lowest possible carbon footprint in the market. This is due to its compact size and low number of components. In addition, the InnoPack Marine 4.0 is easy to install. So you can get on your way immediately!

The automated control system and system cleaning minimise maintenance. Thanks to online monitoring, possible problems can be detected and resolved quickly.

Biological treatment

Without using chemicals


Smart management and monitoring

Low CO2 footprint

And CCNR certified for safe discharge

Visual of



System with two cutting vacuum pumps and two PureBlue DrainCleaner dosing systems, including instrumentation. This system can be integrated with the skid and is controlled by the control unit.



A greywater interface system for discharging water via vacuum. Equipped with level transmitters and valves controlled by the control unit. The greywater tanks of ships can be easily integrated.



Includes sludge pump and level transmitter on sludge tank.

The pump system can be integrated on the skid. The system is then controlled by the control unit.

Grease Separator

The water coming from the galley often contains fats and oils that can cause blockages. PureBlue has a unique design system for separating grease-like substances. The Grease Separator is controlled by the control unit.

A picture of the Grease Separator++
Flowdiagram of the InnoPack Marine 4.0





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