Innovative and sustainable

PureBlue wants to guarantee the most sustainable water treatment systems possible. That is why we are constantly innovating. Every day, the R&D department researches new water treatment techniques and our engineers are busy designing smart installations that are increasingly compact. On this page, you can read about our special innovations.

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Moving Bed Bio Reactor

A compact system thanks to our proprietary carrier material and a smart aeration regime for simultaneous mineralisation of...

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Dissolved Air Flotation

An automatic and compact system for sludge separation so that valuable raw materials can be recovered.

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UV / H202

Innovative UV reactors that enable disinfection and removal of pollutants even at low UV transmission.

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Sludge valorisation

A decentralised hydrolysis unit that stabilises organic acids so that these substances can eventually be upcycled.

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Ozonisation technology

Why ozonisation is the best way to remove micropollutants, such as medicine residues, from wastewater.

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Clean Waterways by O3G

A special collaboration between PureBlue and Solar Gin involving sustainable distilling via solar energy.

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Clean waterways through 03G  

Sewage treatment plants (WWTPs) purify domestic and industrial waste water, which is then discharged as effluent to surface water.